The desktop computer is the mainstay of computing.  When it comes to modern-day computers, the desktop is the powerhouse by which other styles are compared.  Because of their large case, the desktop can fit more airflow and cooling components within it, which in turn allows for more powerful processors and memory to be used.  Heat is the main problem for computers, and with ample space to deal with that heat, the desktop is always on the leading edge of new technology.  As soon as that new graphics card or new processor comes out, you can be sure someone is upgrading it into their desktop


Desktop computer repair

When it comes to desktop computer repair, the good news is parts are accessible, easy to come by and easy to diagnose.  Because everything is modular, nothing is built into anything else.  Every component is individual, and basically plugs into the motherboard.  With some expert knowledge and some troubleshooting, we can find the specific problem for any desktop hardware issue.  From there, we put our skills to work getting the problem fixed quickly and efficiently.