Wireless networking issues happen with laptops and desktops. For computer repair, many times customers can’t connect to the internet using their wireless card. Sometimes the wireless card has failed, and needs replacement. Other times, the wireless card drivers are not installed. Issues also arise with the antennae; desktops with wireless cards have antennae protruding from the case, where laptops have antennae which run from the motherboard up into the laptop screen. Regardless of what you computer have, the problem is the same, you can’t connect, and it can be frustrating. Our expert technicians are skilled in repairing wireless networking issues and deal with them on a daily basis.

Laptop Wireless Not Working

That’s what we hear all the time, and basically what we write down on our work order: “Wireless not working.” It’s all we need to hear to start testing hardware and making sure all the software is installed correctly for your wireless card to work. Besides the card, we also check the antennae, any wireless switch on laptops, and make sure there are no bad components on the laptop motherboard or desktop wireless card. We have seen some cases where the wireless switch was broken off, and it had to be soldered back on to fix the problem. Issues can also arise from the BIOS, and different settings can sometimes disable your wireless from there. We check everything so the problem gets fixed, not patched over.